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Design and Field Application of Drilling, Cementing


Drilling of oil well is a capital intensive project; hence, the importance of selection of proper mud system that is free from contamination cannot be overemphasized.


Selected Speeches and Keynote Addresses in the Oil & Gas Industry


A compendium of speeches, lectures and addresses in the oil and gas industry : Emmanuel Egbogah legacy lecture series


IPS 7th Induction/Anniversary Ceremony


The Institute of Petroleum Studies has for seven years running given a boost to the manpower needs of the Oil and Gas Industry with the graduation of 43 students, consisting of 23 world-class Engineers and 20 Petroleum Technologies during the 7th Induction last Thruday.


Application of Nanotechnology in the Oil and Gas Industry


This piece will focus on the customers in the oil & gas industry. Oil & gas producers have been an early adopter of nanotechnology.


Reservoir Fluid Property Correlations


Large sets of petroleum fluid data exist for the various reservoir conditions and properties that occur in practice.The data were compared against the results of many published correlations of fluid properties in order to find the "best in class" required in the petroleum industry. Those findings are offered


Fundamentals of Reservoir Engineering


This teaching textbook in Hydrocarbon Reservoir Engineering is based on various lecture courses given by the author while employed in the Training Division of Shell Internationale Petroleum Maatschappij B.V. (SIPM), in the Hague, between 1974 and 1977